ALL GUESTSwho present themselves are to be welcomed as CHRIST
—Benedict of Nursia

WORSHIP SERVICES: Our worship style is “blended,” combining what we hope are the best elements of traditional and contemporary worship. We have worship at 9:00 am in the sanctuary. We celebrate Holy Communion an average of once a month, usually on the first Sunday of the month. We have an “open table” for Holy Communion, meaning everyone present is invited to partake.

SUNDAY SCHOOL: for all ages is at 10:15 am.

LOCATION: we can be found at the corner of 10th and Elm in Coffeyville, Kansas (At the end of the first block east of Coffeyville Community College and just north of McDonald’s™). Need a map of where we are? Check out our maps page.

PARKING: Visitors, as well as parents with young children, pregnant women, and, of course, those who are handicapped or have difficulty walking are encouraged to park in the spaces directly in front of the building.

ACCESSIBILITY: A chair lift and an elevator are available.

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